Before making an appointment, please read “Notes on examination.

 For new patients, First visit

1.Please go to the “Web reservation site” and select the clinic you would like to make an appointment.

2.Press the “Registration” button.

3.Please send a blank mail to the link on the screen. If you use smartphone and you can not send a blank mail, please write something and send e-mail.If you set the domain designated reception, please setting-change to receive email from two domains below. “” “”

4.There will be an automated response mail from Hada no clinic. Please click the link in the mail to register.

5.Please press “Agree” button about our privacy policy. Your personal information is protected by Personal Information Protection Law. In principle, without obtaining the prior consent of the patient, the personal information is not offered or disclosed to a third party.

6.Please fill in the registration form. Lastly, press the “Confirmation” button.

7.If there is no mistake in registered contents, please press the ”Registration” button.

8.Please press the “Go to menu” button.

9.Please press the “Make an appointment” button on the menu page.

10.Please press “Your name” button.

11.Please press “First visit” button.

12.Please select the medical service that you would like to take.

13.Please select the appointment date.

14.Please select the appointment time.

15.Please confirm your appointment by pressing the “Confirmation” button.

16.Your appointment is confirmed online. We will confirm your reservation by telephone only for a new patient. If we can not confirm until 10:30 AM until the previous business day before appointment date, we will treat it as cancellation. However, if you make a reservation just before your appointment date, the confirmation phone will not be in time so please come to the appointed time. In case of cancellation without permission, please understand that we will refuse medical treatment after that.

For Established patients, Return visit

1.Please go to the “Web reservation site“, select the clinic and fill in your e-mail address and password. Lastly, press the “Log in” button.

2.Please press the “Make an appointment” button on the menu page.

3.Please press “Your name” button.

4.Please press “Return visit” button.

5.The flow after that is the same as the way at the time of first visit. If there is no medical service that you would like to take, please call us. Only If you want to take placenta injection, or only if you want prescription of cosmetics, you do not need to make an appointment.