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Introduction of Doctors of Hada no clinic

hada no clinic doctorGreetings from Tokyo. I am Dr. Iwahashi, Director of Hada no clinic. Our clinics are near Kojimachi and Koenji Station.

Japan is badly behind in the field of acne treatment. Isotretinoin has not been approved yet, and benzoyl peroxide, which has been used for more than 50 years in the US, was finally approved in 2014. I suffered from acne in my young age, I first used myself isotretinoin to treat acne. As a result, acne which did not get cured even if I visited various dermatologists for many years, was completely recovered with only 2 courses of treatment, I realized the difference between Japanese and Western acne treatments.

Regarding Hair loss, we offer standard treatment with minoxidil lotion and finasteride based on guidelines. If you do not have the effect of standard alopecia treatment, you can receive even more powerful treatment by minoxidil tablet and dutasteride.

In addition, we are prescribing basic skin-care products containing human placenta, skin growth factors and high concentration vitamin C. Although the expiration date is as short as 2 months in refrigerated storage, because our cosmetic lotion contains no preservatives, it is appropriate for those with sensitive skin.

Since I majored in internal medicine, I am good at curing the skin from the inside of the body by using isotretinoin and hormonal therapy. I can also check the whole body including side effects of medicine, so please feel free to visit our clinic.

From Yosuke Iwahashi, M.D.

assistant-director of Hada no clinicI am assistant-director of Hada no clinic.

I specialize in dermatology. Since I graduate from the Faculty of Pharmacy before going to the Faculty of Medicine, I have both a pharmacist license and a doctor’s license.

As a clinical experience, I am involved in acne and acne scar treatment, AGA treatment, anti-aging therapy and various laser therapy.

Now, in recent years, the beauty care medical market is rapidly expanding. Since medical devices and therapeutic drugs are evolving day by day, it seems that they contribute to the elimination of many people’s complex.

However, it can not be said that patient satisfaction has improved. Because beauty medicine contributes to the elimination of complexes, on the other hand, there is an aspect that is becoming a business.

When you go to a beauty clinic, you may have experienced that you have been actively advised expensive surgery or treatment. I have a sense of resistance to advise patients for unnecessarily expensive beauty treatments. It is because I feel that I can not trust such a doctor.

Hada no clinic is a very faithful clinic. We constantly update clinical practice by taking the findings obtained from the latest research and clinical experience for evidence-based treatment. We will not forcibly recommend treatment. It is possible to provide treatment according to your wishes.

If I can support your smile, it is a great pleasure for me as a doctor. With responsibility, I will carry out medical care with my heart.

From Yoko Wakimizu, M.D.


how to make an appointment
Koenji 高円寺院
TEL 03-5913-7435
Mon.~Sat.: 10:30-13:30/15:30-18:30 
Closed: Sun. and Hol.

Kojimachi 麹町院
TEL 03-6261-7433
Mon.~Fri.: 11:00-14:00/16:00-19:00
Sat. and Sun.: 10:00-13:00/15:00-18:00
Closed: Hol.

*Both clinics require reservations, so please make a reservation by phone or online.
*If you want to call or e-mail a doctor, you will be charged a medical fee.