● Treatment fee

All of our clinic treatments are not covered by insurance. Please check the charge on each page.

● Reservation time

Those who are new patients, please visit us ten minutes before the appointment time. Although our clinic is reservation-only, you may have to wait a long time depending on the crowd. Please come to our clinic with time to spare.

● Identification

Please bring your id card, such as a driver’s license, passport or heath insurance card for your identity verification.

● About make-up

Since there is a skin examination, please be sure to remove a make-up before examination. We have make-up remover in my clinic. If you would like to remove your make-up, please come to our clinic earlier and speak to our staff.

●Confirmation and cancellation

We will confirm the reservation by telephone only for a new patient. If we can not confirm until 10:30 AM until the previous business day before appointment date, we will treat it as cancellation. However, if you make a reservation just before your appointment date, the confirmation phone will not be in time so please come to the appointed time. In case of cancellation without permission, please understand that we will refuse medical treatment after that.


how to make an appointment
Koenji 高円寺院
TEL 03-5913-7435
Mon.~Sat.: 10:30-13:30/15:30-18:30 
Closed: Sun. and Hol.

Kojimachi 麹町院
TEL 03-6261-7433
Mon.~Fri.: 11:00-14:00/16:00-19:00
Sat. and Sun.: 10:00-13:00/15:00-18:00
Closed: Hol.

*Both clinics require reservations, so please make a reservation by phone or online.
*If you want to call or e-mail a doctor, you will be charged a medical fee.