There are many problems with antibiotics widely used for acne treatment in Japan. One of the problems is resistant bacteria. Antibiotics will sterilize Skin Acne, so temporary acne will be better. However, since bacteria are not completely killed, they will be reborn with tolerance, so the same antibiotics will have no effect. The doctor change antibiotic which has stronger effectiveness, then the bacteria gets stronger resistant. As a result, multi-drug resistant bacteria are born, and more and more acne becomes untreatable.

On the skin, there are many good bacteria that improve the skin environment, such as S. epidermidis. If those good bacteria are killed by the antibiotics, only the resistant bacteria are proliferate abnormally. That is another problem to use antibiotics for acne.

Today’s mainstream treatment of acne in Japan is from the outside of the body. It means treatments with external preparation such as Adapalene, Benzoyl peroxide, Tretinoin and antibiotics. Treatment which is done in cosmetic dermatology is also approaching from the outside of the body such as peeling, laser, LED, photo-dynamic therapy, and IPL treatment. These treatments are effective against already existing pimples, but the effect of suppressing new acne is weak. Once your acne may improve, acne will come back easily.

The most important thing is to treat from the inside of your body, which means that you should take oral medicine.

In our hospital, we have been treating acne patients who did not get cured for 12 years. We prescribe isotretinoincontraceptive pills, and anti-androgenic drugs for acne treatment.

Our doctors are one of the doctors who prescribe the isotretinoin treatment at the very beginning in Japan. We have cured over 8,000 acne patients for 12 years by isotretinoin. If you are a patient who does not get better at other clinics or hospitals, please do not hesitate to consult our clinic. We offer standard and most effective acne treatment.

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